Business Law

My business-related services include legal supports for all types of business entities (sole proprietorships, corporations, partnerships, LLCs, PCs, and more).  Choosing the correct form of doing business is an important first step.  Attention to required paperwork, such as articles of association, meeting notices, minutes, annual reports, tax-related filings, and the like, are necessary in order for the business person to enjoy the benefits of forming the entity (such as limitations of personal liability and optimal tax treatment).  I encourage clients to adopt the simplest legal structure that accomplishes their goals.  I can also help clients establish in-house systems that allow them to manage their business systems with the greatest degree of autonomy and economy, while at the same time being law-compliant and fully-informed.  I firmly believe that clients should use lawyers to do what lawyers do best, and that they should use bookkeepers and accountants to do what they do best, and that clients should perform those functions  for themselves, to the extent that they are capable, and to the extent that the performance of those functions does not usurp higher and better functions that the client could be performing for the business.