Below are some of the articles that I have published on a variety of topics.  Some of the articles are several years old, others are informal, and none should be taken as legal advice in the context of a particular legal question that might have brought you to this website.  That said, each of these articles has something that might have value to a client or to the public in general.

Publications Relating to United States Law

Commercial Dispute Resolution in the United States

Business Taxation in the United States

The Rules of Evidence

Insurance Law in the United States - Emphasis on Vermont Automobile Insurance

Administrative Law in the United States

Outline of Commercial Law Subjects (27 Pages)

Publications Relating to Education Law

Mandated DOE and DCF Reporting (and Related Legal Issues) in the Context of Cases of Suspected Child Abuse

Residency Hearings

Sample Residency Decision

Sample Educator Licensing Decision

2005-2006 U. S. Supreme Court Education Law Year in Review

Publications Relating to International Law

Succeeding in International Business

International Business Transactions-A Primer for Non-Lawyer Professionals

United States Practice of the Judicial Exercise of Personal Jurisdiction Over Foreign Individuals and Entities

Protecting Intellectual Property Rights Internationally

Publications Relating to Russian Rule of Law

The Russian Court System

A Legal Institute in Karelia, Vermont's Sister State

Fulbright Fall

Fulbright Fall-Part II

Exploding Gas Stations, Women & Poetry

Publications Relating to Judicial Systems

Proposal for Improved State and County Judicial Funding and Structure

The State and Direction of Vermont's Judicial System

Side Judges:  Their Function & Future

A Case for Lay Justice, Part II

Other Publications

Law Office Practice/Ethics:  Multidisciplinary Practice. The German Model as Guidance?

How the West Was Won (Opening Your Own Law Office Fresh Out of Law School)

Ensuring Adequate Reserves for Homeowners' Associations

Legal and Insurance Considerations for National Ski Patrollers

Reflections on the East Barnard Church